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Booking Policy
  1. For booking 1x24 hours before the lease period of use.
  2. Before use make payment in advance and coordinate with team Agungrent.
  3. Agungrent reserves the right to adjust price on certain event without prior notice.
  4. Under certain conditions, Agungrent reserves the right to replace the vehicles that have been ordered with a vehicles of the same type or one level above it. No additional charging fee (subject to unit availability without prior notice).
  5. If necessary, Agungrent will request additional data of consumer identity for the documentation purposes.
  6. Agungrent reserves the right to cancel the lease if the consumer is deemed not to qualify as a tenant.
  7. The lease period begins when the driver and car arrive at the agreed place according to the booking info.
  8. If there is a change of schedule and location pick up consumer must provide information to the Agungrent team 1x24 Hour.
Usage Policy
  1. Package price includes 10% VAT unit and driver.
  2. Fuel, toll and parking are the consumer's responsibility. Consumers are required to return fuel in accordance with the position of fuel at the beginning of the lease.
  3. The package price does not include a tour ticket.
  4. If the consumer out of the selected initial city will be charged outside the city rate (confirmation with the team Agungrent) and the fee will be charged directly to the consumer.
  5. Which is called out of town is if it exceeds 70 km from the initial city at the begining of the reservation.
  6. Out of town usage must be informed / confirmed first to Agungrent team and will be charged outside city and stay for out town (Out of Town), excluding overnight lodging overnight stay (OLC) fee every night.
  7. For airport pickup we will paging the customer's name (in accordance with the name stated in the reservation).
  8. Any loss and damage to consumer goods during the trip outside of Agungrent's responsibility.
  9. Consumers are required to sign the driver's working schedule (Times Sheet) then handed over to the driver.
  10. We provide 24 Hour Emergency Service (0812.9132.3232).
Additional Hour & Fee Policy
  1. Excess Usage (Additional hour) will be charged (Additional hour x 15% from base fare amount) directly to the consumer, with the following conditions :
    • An excess of 1 to 15 minutes will be rounded down to the previous hour.
    • An excess of 16 to 59 minutes is rounded up to the following hour.
  2. Excess usage fee delivered to driver of Supreme rent in accordance with the amount of usage, payment made in cash.
  3. Consumers will get additional receipts for the payment excess usage.
  4. Consumers will be charged OR (On Risk) IDR. 300,000 / accident, in the event of an accident
Cancellation Policy
  1. Cancellations submitted above 1x24 hours before pickup time will incur 0% of the total fee.
  2. Cancellations submitted within 12 hours before pickup time will be charged 50% of the total cost.
  3. Refund cancellation process within 7 working days.